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Pause is a way of nature, it is part of the natural flow of life. After every breath you take in and let out – you pause, after every word you say you pause. In fact, everything that seems like a seamless continuation is actually filled with numerous small pauses, coming together harmoniously to give the illusion of continuity. The reel of a film has individual shots, each shot separate from the other. Even our very cells have spaces – pauses - between them. Have you ever felt the need for this pause, this space?
Why Pause?
Becoming consciously aware of this pause and putting it into regular practice can have multiple benefits.
It would provide the much needed break to your tired mind and body from the continuous onslaught of thoughts and emotions which we knowingly or unknowingly subject ourselves to Allow you to catch your breath and your natural healing energies to rejuvenate you. Our body has all the coping strength it needs. We just have to give our body immunity the space to do its work without constantly burdening it with negative and unhealthy patterns
Help you take stock of where you’ve been – take notice what snack you just ate, of what words you just spoke and how you used your last few moments Learning your lessons at every step, growing and developing more consciously through this study of your experiences To gauge where you’re going – considering how you are thinking and behaving, what is your likely near and far future? Is your current work style likely to help you reach your goals? Is your current diet likely to help you achieve your target weight?
Decide whether your actions are in line with your goals and filter them accordingly – if things aren’t working for you, modify them, see what else you can do – implement the learning from your lessons Help curb impulsive ill-thought out words and actions which we often regret later – will help us respond rather than react
The following article explains How to pause beautifully, facilitating joy and peace - covering the pause required in our thoughts, behaviour, emotions and diet. for more click here